Revercity. Dev Diary #2: The Mercs

This week was especially busy, so the diary wasn’t getting enough attention. T_T However, now that there are two programmers, things should start moving ahead. Right? Right?…


Now, the most important citizens are the guilds’ mercenaries. They defend the city from monsters, capture the dungeons, and more — healing, earning funds, building, and so on. Each guild unlocks a corresponding special type of mercs whom you can hire.

The player does not control the mercs directly. Instead, mercs have their own goals and behaviours. Thieves like drinking and murdering, warriors prefer training and keeping the city borders safe, while mages love executing suicidal attacks on monster-ridden dungeons.

The player’s task is to provide everything that would make the mercs most effective. Buildings, tech, new guilds founded, and precise combinations of all the above will help to achieve that task.

A merc has only two active parameters, health and sanity. Health is mostly used in battles, while the more peaceful activities or magic consume sanity. Letting either one go to zero is fatal. Tavern, theater storeys and the like recover these parameters — the more of them there are in the city, the faster.

That said, most merc-related storeys only affect guild members. An apothecary lab built in the Thieves Guild will only help the thieves recover, for example. The effects of these will be more powerful than those that apply to any citizen, and even let you change the abilities and behaviours of guild members in a considerable way.

Personally, I think a system like this will let the player set up each class the way they want, as well as circumvent the issue typical for Majesty where having more than one specific building in the city only changes the numbers.

In general, I’d like to keep the way mercs are designed simple, abstracted from micromanagement, instead giving priority to guild development.

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