The Underworld City-Builder Game

Make your city the greatest in the underworld. Control the guilds and make pacts with the Great Houses of the city. Build a fleet. Explore the mysterious world of The Abyss, and bend it to your will through sheer power or your crafty diplomatic skills.


Construct the buildings floor by floor. Appoint the guilds to keep an eye on them. Keep an eye on the guilds.

The Citizens

The city is a living being. The citizens shuttle along its streets and make their own decisions as to what to do next.


The Elder Tunnels are the source of dangerous monsters and precious treasures. By providing your citizens with better weapons and equipment, YOU can lay your hands on those treasures.


Build your own powerful fleet to protect the city and the colonies.


Explore the Abyss and reveal the secrets kept by its depths. Communicate with ancient empires and civilizations long forgotten.

The game is being developed on the Unity engine and will be available on PC in 2019.

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